Showdown is a Javascript Markdown to HTML converter, based on the original works by John Gruber. Showdown can be used client side (in the browser) or server side (with NodeJs). Check a live demo here

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As you know, ShowdownJS is a free library and it will remain free forever. However, maintaining and improving the library costs time and money. Currently, we're looking to improve showdown with automated tests in all browsers and a proper domain and webpage. 500$ should be enough to to keep showdown testing framework running for a couple of years.

If you like our work and find our library useful, please donate through Pledgie or directly through paypal!! Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Who uses Showdown

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Use it...

var showdown = require('showdown');
var converter = new showdown.Converter();
var htmlOutput = converter.makeHtml('*Hello* __World__');

Check our wiki pages for a more in-depth documentation, such as syntax support, examples, extensions, etc...